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EFS M. Type Shaker Filter Units EFS M. Type Shaker Filter Units

EFS M. Type Shaker Filter Units

Extract Filtration Solutions Limited (EFS) design, manufacture and install a wide range of high quality Dust and Fume extraction plant and equipment. The M Fully auto range of mechanically shaken filter units are specifically designed to offer a realistic price dust extraction solution for industry and has been incorporated into a variety of different industries from woodworking to chemical and foundry applications and have supplied and installed units for small joinery shops to larger blue chip corporations. As each individual unit is manufactured and built to clients different requirements we over a bespoke unit for every application and solution.

The operating characteristics of each modular unit is identical in each case. Dust laden air is drawn into the unit via the unit inlet(s) usually situated in the hopper section. Once the dirty air has entered the unit a drop in velocity occurs and the heavy material drops out of the airstream and drops into the collection bins below, the finer dust is then carried within the airstream upwards into the filter element and is collected within the fibres of the filter element (dirty side) before exhausting through the fan set(s) to atmosphere.

When the system has been operating for a number of hours (dependant on dust loading and type of dust) an amount of waste builds up on the dirty side of the filter element and must be dislodged at regular intervals by activating the shaker mechanism built into the unit, this comprises of a geared motor fitted to a frame that the filer elements hang from which rotates at speed on a cam which dislodges the waste from the dirty air side and allows it to fall into the collection device below.

To ensure that the shaker mechanism is regularly cleaning the filter, this is controlled by the main fan controller/starter which activates the shaker motor automatically every time the system is stopped. We recommend a operating time scale of 4 hours between each shake down to avoid the filter element from blinding causing the reduction of the system performance.

Construction of unit

Fan Assembly The fan set and motor are fitted on the top of the unit, with the impellor, inlet and fan scroll within the cabinet construction. The fan set (motor, motor plate and impellor) are removed from the top utilizing the built on lifting eyes. The impellor is a backward inclined high efficiency type for maximum performance with minimum of power consumption. The Impellor is fitted direct to the motor whilst the motor if outside to allow for easy maintenance and freedom of dust.

Filter Assembly The filter assembly consists of a number of V shaped pockets double stitched together to create a single filter which is then mounted onto purpose built filter frame (different sizes and amounts dependant on filter size) The filters are then hung from the shaker frame which in turn is connected to the shaker motor via a con rod. The filter assembly is easily and safely removed for maintenance by removing six bolts.

Unit and Hopper Assembly The unit and hopper sections are of a mild steel panelled construction. All panels are stiffened with additional folded sections, giving an exceptionally strong and rigid construction. The collection bin is positioned at the base of the hopper and held in place by a bin lifting mechanism which locks the bin in position under the hopper with an airtight seal. The waste discharge can be direct into a bin, or there are other options, either direct into a plastic collection bag or through a rotary valve into a skip (we can manufacture each system to meet clients requirements)

Electrical Equipment Each unit is supplied with two motors (single unit) or more if larger configurations are required and will be ATEX compliant if required. Fan motors are 2 pole flange mounted and vary in size from 2.2KW to 18.5KW (dependant on unit size) whilst the geared shaker motors are 0.37KW 4 pole. Both motors are 415volts 50 cycles. Units are supplied with a general push button auto clean starting panel which is either DOL or Star/Delta dependant on motor size and amounts. The Starter panel is supplied as a separate component to allow for remote mounting although the fans and shaker motors are prewired to a side mounted junction box.

Finish Each unit is supplied fully powder coated in any RAL colour to suit the client's requirements. Should the client require a full ATEX unit (if dust is classed as explosive) then we can meet this requirements by fitting an Explosion Panel and ATEX components where required. All the above options can be supplied in stainless option or part stainless (contact parts) for use within the food industry. All our units are supplied in for either internal installation or external installation (weatherproofed) option.

Unit size No of Hoppers No of bins   Filter area  
C 8
86sq ft
161sq ft
268/344 sq ft
428sq ft
536/688 sq ft
856sq ft
804/1032 sq ft
1290sq ft

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