Water Filtration

EFS Wet collector range of dust collection have been designed to work on extracting dust from processes that may have either sparks or molten particles within the airstream.

Operating principles

As the dust and conveying airstream enters the wet collector, it is forced down through a baffle arrangement which is submerged in a bath of water, as the air is drawn through the water by the top mounted integral fan set. A self-induced scrubbing action is generated which separates the dust particles from the airstream. These particles then sink to the base of the collector where they can be manually raked out when the unit is turned off.

The primary separation is further supplemented by a mist eliminator which is mounted prior to the fan set to give secondary cleaning of the air stream, though under normal circumstances the filtered air should still be discharged to atmosphere. (please note not all dusts are suitable for use with this type of filter unit and we suggest you contact our sales Department to discuss your requirements)


EFS Wet collector type filter units are manufactured from a mild steel sheet of an all welded construction. Fully sealed after construction and then powder coated to a RAL colour of the clients choice before being coated with additional coats of waterproof sealant.

Additional features

Air silencers: to ensure that noise levels are kept to an absolute minimum, we recommend that the units are supplied with factory fitted silencers as standard.
Explosion Relief: to comply with regulations on materials where there is a risk of explosion, correctly proportioned explosion relief panels can be supplied as an integral part of the filter unit. Full ATEX compliant panels fitted as standard.
Run on timer: To ensure the dusts have totally evacuated the ductwork. A run on timer can be fitted into the standard control panel which allows the fan set to run on for a set time after the fan stop button has been pressed.
Mechanical water level control: This feature allows the water level to be topped up automatically by use of a mechanical float valve.
Thermostatically Controlled immersion heater: Where the unit is being situated externally the fitting of a controlled immersion heater is recommended to prevent water within the unit from freezing during cold weather.

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